Since our inception in 1999, Avenge Incorporated has set the standard for Government Flight Operations and Acquisition Support. The overall success of Avenge, Inc. is attributed to exceptional corporate leadership and a dedicated family of employees. Avenge, Inc. is guided by emphasizing reputation, respect and ethics. Our company’s ethical guidelines are a paradigm for distinguishing Avenge, Inc. from its competitors. Our principles and skilled staff of professionals have enabled our company to provide quality services designed specifically for our customers’ needs.

Avenge’s global operations are centered in our Dulles, Virginia headquarters and supported by our numerous national and international flight operation centers. Avenge, Inc. provides a mix of aviation services and traditional engineering/program management support to both private industry and the United States Government. Our company’s expertise includes:

• Government operated flight support under DCMA 8210.1
• Military Flight Operations
• Product Improvement Program Support (STC validation, Test plans, etc.)
• Flight Testing
• Flight operations risk mitigation analysis
• Part 91 operations, Aerial Survey
• Flight Training
• Department of Defense (DoD) acquisition process support
• Meteorological systems.

Avenge, Inc. specializes in military flight operations in the United States and throughout the world, including current operations in the Middle East. Avenge’s military flight operations are dedicated to Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR), as well as, Reconnaissance, Surveillance, Targeting, and Acquisition (RSTA) Operations. ISR and RSTA functions are principal elements of U.S. defense capabilities, which Avenge, Inc. currently provides, with our military trained/experienced pilots.

Our dynamic services are enhanced by our skilled pilots who are qualified in both helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. Avenge’s logistical and managerial expertise is virtually sought out by Government Agencies, to ensure contract compliance, as well as by various contractor organizations during Government aircraft modifications.

Our company’s dependable and efficient service speaks through the satisfaction of our clientele. By delivering customer-driven solutions and always exceeding expectations, Avenge Incorporated, has truly become the leader of its industry.